About us

A family business

Founded by Marc and Martine Lessard in 1998 after a visit in Belgique, the Microbrewer’s goal was to offer a specialized beer for consumers to discover new varieties. The brewery stands out with Messagere gluten free beers, the first in North America, developed to satisfy those who are intolerant or sensitive to gluten. We pride ourselves in being the pioneers of Gluten Free Beer.

The Microbrewers project, replacing barley malt by Millet, Rice and Buckwheat was quite an innovation. In 2004 we launch a new project. A Malthouse Nouvelle France allowing us to produce our own malt. This way we control the transformation of our grains insuring a superior quality to our products.

From field to glass

In 2010, we revolutionized our Microbrewers, in addition to offering Gluten Free beers of high quality acquired by our solid experience. We started a new project never seen before; La Ferme Nouvelle-France. We cultivate our grains used in our Malthouse to brews our beers. We can now say that we control the entire process. From our fields to the Malthouse to the bottles, insuring a high quality throughout the whole process.

La Ferme Nouvelle France is certified organic and more…!
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